Xgo SImply Efficient

XGO is an innovative process developed by Smalticeram with the aim to offer an efficient response to some of the most important challenges that the ceramic sector faces.

XGO is a development of ceramic micronized  complex ready  for a dissolution in water by agitating, which applied with the different existing technologies for glazing line, obtains a final protection for the production of ceramic tiles. Ready to mixture, allows  the manufacturers to adapt to the current needs of the market of agile form, optimizing his resources in the preparation of the material and logistic to innovate in the product, since this one acquires different surfaces finishes.

XGO preparation process supposes a great advantage over conventional production processes. Its preparation is ready to use directly on the glazing line, just a dissolution in water through a quick 15 minutes stirring. Simplifying implementation and management time, costs and production times are reduced considerably.

Soft and anti-slip properties

NOXlip offers great versatility of surfaces that adapt easily to the needs of the manufacturer, a wide range of finishes with high technical and aesthetic characteristics that satisfactorily meet all regulations that require different markets. Its non-slip characteristics with high resistance to abrasion and surface feel soft, easy cleaning, it makes the ceramic tile to acquire an advantage over existing flooring.

NOXlip consists of 6 categories differentiated among themselves by the degree of non-slip and they comply with regulations adapted to the requirements of use. Their categories are covered from the indoor housing, external paving, public and industrial premises to wet areas such as swimming pools, etc.

Polishing surfaces

The great advancement of polished surfaces in the different markets of the ceramic sector is already an unquestionable reality. These surfaces thanks to their great physical and mechanical characteristics, together with their aesthetic finishes make it unique for ceramics coatings, offering great possibilities in the world of architecture and interior design. In this sense, Smalticeram has developed Xglam, a ceramic micronized  complex ready for use in glazing line with different options of polished finishes.

The main characteristics of Xglam are its high glossy, with much higher values up to those developed today and its special resistance to stains and acids without post-polished treatment, in addition to easy cleaning. Xglam has been certified by the Institute of Ceramic Technology of Castellón.



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